Cognitive - help with reading, spelling and understanding

This section explains how you can make the web easier to read with various software tools and techniques.


  • Changing your colours

    This section explains how you can change text and background colours in your browser and Windows to better suit your needs.

  • Changing your fonts

    Explains how you can change web browser and Windows text settings.

  • Learning difficulties and the web

    Information about how people with learning disabilities use the web and useful website resources.

  • Making your computer talk

    This section tells you about the different ways you can make your computer talk to you.

  • Talking to your computer

    This section details how you can use voice recognition to speak to your computer. This enables you to control your computer hands free, and is also useful for helping with spelling or typing errors.

  • Using your own stylesheets

    This section explains how you can use your own style sheets (CSS) with web browsers to make web pages easier to see.

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