Firefox for Windows - Making the text larger

To zoom in and out of the webpage in Firefox 3, press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘+’ to zoom in or ‘Ctrl’ and ‘-’ to zoom out, to return the page to normal press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘0’.

Alternatively click on ‘View’ or press ‘Alt’ + ‘V’ and click to select ‘Zoom’ or press ‘Z’.

Click to select ‘Zoom In’ or press ‘Alt’ + ‘I’.

Click to select ‘Zoom Out’ or ‘Alt’ + ‘O’.

To set the minimum text size for all web pages you visit:

Click to select ‘Tools’ or press ‘Alt’ + ‘T’ and select ‘Options’ or press ‘O’.

Click on or press the arrow keys to select ‘Content’, see Fig 1.

options dialog box
Fig 1

Click to select ‘Advanced’ or press ‘Alt’ + ‘A’.

To open the Minimum font size dialog box press ‘Alt + O’ or click to select.

Press ‘Alt’ + ‘O’ and use the up and down arrow keys to select the minimum font size or click to select, see Fig 2.

select font and font size
Fig 2

Click on or ‘Tab’ to ‘OK’ and press ‘Enter’, then select ‘OK’ again to return to Firefox.

Note: If this does not work it could be because your computer settings cannot be changed due to local IT policies - contact your local IT support for further help.

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