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The best way to improve your confidence when applying for a job is to remove any concerns you might have about your particular circumstances. Telling an employer about your concerns means they can make some changes to the process to make your experience as positive as possible. Employers who have the ClearTalents™ system want to help you. They want to see your skills and abilities at their best. 

They're not going to use anything you say against you. If you meet the criteria for the job and are able to do the job, that's all that matters.

Click on any of the five icons to start the process. For example, if you use a telephone differently to others, don't speak English or have times of the day which you can't be contacted then click the telephone icon and tell us about it. We'll make the recruiter aware and your experience should therefore be improved.

You might use a computer in a certain way, you might need to make special travel arrangements or tell us about how you get on in face to face meetings. Click the icons that relate to you and your circumstances and you'll see how ClearTalents™ can help.

Once you've finished, a report is generated to show you a summary of what you've told us. ClearTalents™ remembers who you are and you can use the profile you've created for any job application. If your circumstances change you can always come back and change your profile at anytime.

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