Supporting you with your application

For Recruitment Companies

Quality of hire, candidate experience, diversity of shortlists, legal compliance, the Equality Act, Corporate Social Responsibility. These are just some of the key drivers for many employers today.

ClearTalents™ helps recruiters to be on top of all these drivers. As candidates create a profile of themselves, they generate a report for recruiters which guide them through the process of dealing with difference.

For example, Candidate X has some hearing loss, but doesn't tell you. How do you deal fairly with that candidate? How do you ensure legal compliance? How do you help them perform at their best? In reality, you can't do any of the above if you don't know they've got hearing loss.

ClearTalents™ will not only tell you the candidate is Dyslexic, it will tell you what that means, what to do and how to deal confidently with the candidate in order to make the right adjustments. 

The result is a diverse talent pool of candidates who've had a better experience of the recruitment process because you've shown them you value their application.

How big an issue is this? 

6m people are Dyslexic. 11m people are disabled. 2m people have hearing loss. 2m people have a different first language than English. 6.4m people have caring responsibilities as well as work commitments.

All of these people are protected by the equality act. They represent over 70% of the available workforce.