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Applying for a job - 10 top tips

Applying for a job - 10 top tips

1. Take the time to prepare your application. It may be one of many to you but you are one of many to the recruiter – you need to stand out from the crowd.

2. Check your application before you send it.  If you know that spelling and grammar are not your best subjects, get someone to check it for you or use the computer to check grammar and spelling.

3. Make the application nice and clear – if it’s a CV, stick to two pages with a nice summary at the beginning, clear headings and where possible list what you have achieved. If it is a form then use the space carefully and plan your answers before you start filling it in.

4. If you are filling out a form, read the instructions.  Most employers put some guidance with their application forms. If it is there then use it.

5. Follow this simple tip - go through the job from beginning to end and make sure that you have put any skills, experience or competencies you have for each and every point in the job. Don't leave the employer guessing – tell them about it!

6. Find out as much as you can about the job and about the employer – we all like to feel special and employers are no exception.

7. Don’t just stick to work place achievements. What you have done at home or in your spare time can really help if it is relevant – keeping the household accounts, caring for someone, learning a new skill or being part of a team are all important parts of you too.

8. Always stick to the truth - if you lie on a CV it can cost you the job.

9. If in doubt then ask for help rather than trying to guess.

10. Show that you are keen. Put in a covering letter or make sure that the application demonstrates that this is a job you really want.  For many employers enthusiasm and motivation to work are the most important things they look for in an employee.