Supporting you with your application

Applying for a job with a visual impairment - advice

Action for Blind People


Our employment service offers constructive advice for blind and partially sighted people. We have information about retaining employment, and skills development. We can also offer a personal assessment and advice on presenting your disability positively.

Our service includes:

•   Job retention support following sight loss.

•   Guidance on making the most of your skills.

•   Advice for developing new skills valued by employers.

•   Information on Access to Work - financial support whilst in work.

•   Information on support for travelling to work.

•   Information on support available in the workplace.

For employers

Action's employment teams work with employees and employers to ensure that both parties receive the advice and support they need, so that employees retain their jobs while employers retain skilled and experienced staff.

Read our This IS working in England publication to find out how people with sight loss participate successfully in the world of work.

Action employment line

Call 0800 440 2255 for employment advice and information on employment services in England.

If you'd prefer, you can also email the Action employment line at