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As an employer, you know that finding and engaging the best talent is getting more and more difficult. Almost 70% of the working age population in the UK will have some circumstance, condition, impairment or commitment which makes applying for a job more of a challenge for them than others.

Making small changes to the way you recruit can make the experience of applying for a job with you a much more positive one for most of those 70%. 

But the biggest challenge is knowing what to do and when. How do you get candidates to tell you about their circumstances, disability, impairments or commitments? 

The answer is ClearTalents™. It's a very quick and simple process for candidates to go through and the results generate a report for you to use at every stage of the recruitment process.

You and all of the stakeholders in the recruitment process, including external agencies, line managers, front of house and occupational health teams are equipped with a detailed report of the changes you are legally obliged to make and guidance on how to implement them.

What's more, the ClearTalents™ system will inform every user about the etiquette of dealing with difference. As an employer, you are able to educate your workforce as they use the system to be more inclusive of difference. The results are:

Improved candidate experience
Enhanced employer brand
CSR delivery
Improved retention rates
Reduced recruitment costs
Lower sickness absence
A more diverse workforce
A more inclusive culture


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