Supporting you with your application

Trust and Confidentiality

ClearTalents™ In Recruitment has been created to help you perform at your best in a recruitment process. The aim is that you will feel confident and valued as a candidate seeking work with a new employer.

For example, someone with hearing loss might find using a standard telephone difficult. People with certain disabilites might need alternative formats for job applications or require particualr facilities to be available at an interview. People who have caring responsibilities or who have religious and cultural commitments might have times or days they cannot attend interviews. Making simple adjustments can therefore have a big impact on your ability to do well in the recruitment process. What these changes all have in common is that they are here to support you.

For many people, sharing of personal information can feel intrusive or even a little scary and that's why ClearTalents™ In Recruitment exists. The information exchanged here is only ever used to inform the organisation you seek to work for about the impact the recruitment process might have on you personally. 

The information will be treated with respect and stored confidentially outside of the organisation on secure servers. Information will be shared on a need to know basis only with approved members of the management team of the employer assessing your skills. The individuals completing ClearTalents™ In Recruitment are always in control of what they feel ready to share and each person who completes a profile receives their own report to review.

We encourage everyone to share as much as they feel able and we have designed a process to make that really easy for you. The more we know about an individual and their circumstances the more options we can explore to improve the quality of the recruitment experience. If you have any concerns about what ClearTalents™ In Recruitment is for and how it is used, refer to the FAQ section of the site or email